Organic Pests control product

Bedbugs? Problem with bedbugs, fleas, ticks, lice, roaches and many other pests?

CedarFog™ is a natural pest control that works great on bedbugs, fleas, ticks, lice, roaches and many other pests. Produced from EPA exempt ingredients.

• Works great on bedbugs, fleas, ticks, lice, roaches and many other pests

• Produced from EPA exempt ingredients

• Great for homes to hotels and restaurants

• Also for use in livestock housing and corrals

• Residential and commercial

• No clean up

• Low cost

• Pleasant smell

• Easy application

• No license needed

• No tenting required

• Long lasting residual effects


CedarFog™ is applied by using a hand-held electric fogger. Close all windows in the home or other buildings to be fogged including restaurants, commercial buildings, barns, manufacturing plants, hotel/motel rooms, agricultural facilities, etc. CedarFog™ can also be applied under raised and mobile homes. Fog the entire indoors, beginning at the room or area furthest from the exit. Treat the attic, upstairs, main floor, basement and garage, where applicable, until the fog is fairly dense. The person applying (the applicator) should still be able to easily see for approximately 10-15 feet. All inside doors including bathroom and laundry cabinet doors should be left open. Fog behind stoves, refrigerators and other appliances and furniture that may be located close to walls. Also, fog along baseboards of each room. Leave all ceiling fans on. Turn air conditioning unit fan switch to on, so the fan continues to run during application and until re-entry time 30 minutes later. This will assist CedarFog™ to penetrate cracks, crevices and hidden areas that pests may be occupying. CedarFog™ leaves little to no residue so no special cleanup is necessary.

After application, re-entry time is approximately 30 minutes. Reapply every 3-6 months or as necessary.

CedarFog™ can be applied under shrubbery and all lawn areas just prior to outdoor events. This will help control mosquitoes and other insects. Reapply as necessary.

For livestock housing, corrals and other farm animal areas: CedarFog™ can be applied weekly or as necessary depending on flow-through or forced air exchange for pest control. Normally it is not necessary to remove the animals or any of the animal feed for applications. More frequent and limited spot applications may be necessary for various animal type housing.


Normal application of CedarFog™ — 2 ounces per 100 square feet using electric hand held fogger, rates may vary due to ceiling heights. Do not dilute CedarFog™ with water or any other product. Periodic applications may be necessary under and behind equipment, appliances and along base boards. For spot treatments, apply product by using a trigger type mist sprayer or other appropriate device. Mist product in troubled and heavily infested areas. For livestock housing and corrals: CedarFog™ may be applied with a tractor driven mist blower or use an electric fogger.


The applicator should wear a cartridge-type respirator (similar to those used for painting, sanding, etc). The applicator should be fully clothed wearing long sleeved shirts and pants. Remove all persons and pets from the area to be fogged before fogging. As an extra precaution fish tanks should be covered and the air pumps shut off during application and 30 minutes after application.

Remove any precious or sensitive plants, such as violets and orchids as an additional precaution.

You should not aim and spray directly on white fabrics, curtains, lamp shades, and clothing. However, closet doors should be left open.

Store away or securely cover all food and tableware.

Extinguish all open flames including pilot lights (stove, furnace, fireplace, etc.) during and for 30 minutes after application.

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