Organic Repellents

Green World Path has  many years experience in natural insecticides and repellents, for use both by registered pest control applicators
and by the general public. The blends of oils in these products have
many years testing in labs, industry, agriculture and both
personal,pet, andlivestock usage usage –  all our products are safer
alternatives to the industry standard poisons – there is a place for
Green World Path pest control products in every program.

One benefit is no re-entry time after using our products. Another is
no hazards to applicators. All these products are simple to use with
no special precautions – simply dilute and begin spraying areas where
mosquitoes breed and congregate. These sprays provide a contact kill
to mosquitoes, their larvae, and eggs – and continue to deny these
areas for weeks afterward.

Spray a solution of fifteen milliliters (15 ml) Green World Path
OutBound per liter of water – spray lightly on leaves and stems of
plants, on soil around plants and between rows, and wherever insects
occur. Begin spraying four weeks before insects historically appear,
and spray every 3-4 weeks or as necessary.  For best results, spray
OutBound in the late afternoon or evening. Do not spray on plants
during the heat of the day – this may burn the leaves.

CedarGreen is another Green World Path product which is useful against
mosquitoes and other flying pests – as well as part of a turf and lawn
pest program. Use 4.75 ml CedarGreen per liter of water – excellent
solubility and residual kill – and like OutBound – no re-entry time.

These products protect many thousands of acres of lawns, golf courses,
parks, campgrounds, crops, and organic farms across the U.S. and
Canada – let’s introduce these great products around the world. Please
tell me our next step in registering Green World Path’s products in
Australia, and wherever non-toxic insect control is of value – the
entire planet.


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