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Building soil to grow stronger plants.

This is the core value underlying all we do at Green World Path – all our products, all our methods, all our results – spring from this concept. Synthetic chemicals in agriculture, as well as residential lawn care, and all other growing areas, have destroyed the balance in soils around the world. Our products use sustainable methods, as well as natural and sustainable materials, to begin to restore the soil balance. As the balance returns, healthier soil grows healthier plants. This creates better yield, and plants less prone to pests, fungus and disease.

Green World Path Total is the first step in building healthy soil – Total contains the beneficial soil bacteria and fungi required to begin the process of soil building – as these bacteria and fungi live, multiply, and die, they form organic matter – the basis on which a productive, healthy soil is built. In addition, they colonize the root zone of plants – each performing its own, unique function for the plant’s benefit. This is part of the soil balance – microbes underground perform work for the plant; the plant feeds them in return. Thriving plants live in soil teeming with these bacterial and fungal helpers – but they are destroyed by treatments of synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, and fungicides.

Stripped of their microbial helpers underground – and the balanced soil they create, your ‘fertilized’ plants are now unable to thrive and be healthy – and are dependent on further chemical treatments. These plants, also out of balance, are weakened, improperly nourished, and easy prey for insects, fungal infections, and disease. All these pests and plagues are attracted to weak, mineral deficient, poorly fed plants. These problems are treated with synthetic pesticides, fungicides, and more fertilizers – destroying the soil life and balance even further.

Green World Path Total, our flagship product, will begin reversing this soil degradation, and put your soil back on the path to balance. Plants living in this soil will show the positive effects of Total within a few days. Better access to nutrients, and better resistance to pests and disease – in addition to natural, sustainable plant nutrition – better soil balance – all courtesy of Green World Path Total.

Plant disease, as we noted, waits patiently for a weakened, poorly nourished plant to infect. A plant which is out of balance, deficient in minerals, from an soil out of balance, provides a host in which disease will thrive. A balanced soil will be able to keep many of these pathogens in check – this is one of the duties of the beneficial microbes living in a rich, healthy, balanced soil. Plants living on synthetic fertilizer, in a dead soil, deprived of microbes, have no ability to defend against these opportunistic infections.

Green World Path ECO, a companion product to Green World Path Total, can provide protection against a range of opportunistic infections – which destroy millions of crops, vegetables, trees, and plants of all kinds throughout the world.  Made from natural and sustainable materials, Green World Path ECO will protect plants systemically – and elicit a defense reaction when many pathogens try to infect your plants.

Applied as a foliar spray, ECO protects thousands of acres – all types of plants – across North America – ensuring better crop yields, and protecting against late blights and rusts. As a seed treatment, and a soil-applied spray, Green World Path ECO prevents and protects against root diseases, damping-off blights, and other infections of seedlings, sprouts, and tender young plants.

In agriculture, nursery, lawn & garden – once again, all growing areas – application of Green World Path ECO will cure and prevent disease, and help restore balance to soils, plants, and their ecosystems.

Insects – like plant diseases and funguses – are attracted to weak, unhealthy plants. Plants in balanced soil, fully mineralized, will repel insect infestation just as they repel disease. Healthy plants give off chemical markers and fragrances – signals to insects. These signals repel insects – the insects avoid these odors – it is hard-wired into them. Weak, unhealthy plants, poorly mineralized – like,say, plants fed synthetic fertilizers, and bathed in chemical fungicides – do not repel insects. They attract insects – they’re out of balance.

Green World Path uses the distilled essences of these insect-repelling odors – essential oils – in our product Green World Path Outbound. Several different essential oils, concentrated and emulsified in an aqueous solution, are then fermented to further repel insects and pests.  Apply a dilute solution of Outbound, sprayed on leaves, stems, the ground surrounding plants, crops, lawns – wherever you wish to destroy insect pests, and keep them away.

Outbound uses the same method to repel insects that healthy plants do – chemical signals – odors – the smells that we identify with plants. Plants release these odors and fragrances for a reason – to repel insects and pests in a balanced soil and a healthy ecosystem. You can use this same method to control pests when you apply Green World Path Outbound.

In a balanced soil, plants can access all the nutrition they require using the microbes in the soil. In a soil out of balance, or in a farmland where years of crop harvest repeatedly depletes soil nutrients, apply Green World Path Micronutrients – the final leg in building balance in soils, healthy high-yield crops, and thriving plants. Micronutrients provides the elements necessary for cellular processes – equivalent to vitamin and mineral supplements in people and animals. Iron, Manganese, Boron, Copper, Zinc – and others – measured in formulation to be sprayed in a diluted solution directly on the leaves of your crop. Micronutrients increases blooms, flowers and fruit, increases crop yield, and produce weight – while building healthy plants, and remineralizing plants, produce and soil.

Balanced soil – healthy plants – increased crop yield – reduced exposure to harmful chemicals –  the results of building soils for stronger plants – with Green World Path.

J.B. Williams, BSChE, ACS

Technical Director

Green World Path



Green World Path manufactures a complete line of innovative organic and sustainable products .

Green World Path manufactures a complete line of innovative organic and sustainable products that fertilize, protect, and reduce watering needs for anything that grows. Our products are utilized all over the world, in all sorts of growing environments like organic and conventional farms, hay, pastures, turf management, golf courses, municipalities, nurseries, lawns, gardens, and greenhouses.

We offer over 30 products to suit almost any need. Our laboratory and manufacturing facilities can build custom- blended formulations for whatever unique growing situation you may have.

With over 40 years in the green industry, Green World Path has the experience to help.

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